The market for Salvador Dali prints (and originals) is severely depressed for one single reason:  Dali had no respect for his patrons - or his legacy.  Robert collected art for literally decades before creating any himself - so that offered him an opportunity virtually unique in the art world:  he could run an authentication scheme from the very beginning!  Most artists sold art for years before setting up an authentication system, if at all - and by that time, it's too late!  That will never happen with Robert D. Brooks' works:  Every Robert D. Brooks canvas comes with a bullet-proof certificate of authenticity.  Using all the anti-counterfeiting technologies available on printed money, authenticating a Bob Brooks is as simple as coming to this web site and comparing the serial number on your COA and canvas, and making sure it matches what is posted here.  Then, you no longer have to authenticate the painting, you simply have to authenticate money!  Much, much cheaper and easier!  You can be certain that your Brooks canvas is original and hand painted by the master himself.  No fakes will ever be allowed to enter Robert D. Brooks' catalog raisonne (unlike virtually every other well-known artist)!...
Every original canvas by Robert D. Brooks comes with a free gift!  What that gift is, nobody knows! 

Every Bob Brooks canvas comes with a sealed envelope marked ' BONUS:  Not To Be Opened By Anyone Other Than The Ultimate Purchaser'  The only person who gets to open it and see what it is - is you!  Even the gallery has no idea of what's inside!  It could be a 1 or 1 artists proof print.  It could be a poem.  It could be a doodle.  It could be a hand-written letter from the artist describing something special about that specific piece.  It could be anything!  But, it's STRICTLY a secret between the artist AND YOU the purchaser!  Every Robert D. Brooks canvas truly IS special...
Each Robert D. Brooks canvas is fully finished!

Unlike most other artist, Mr. Brooks takes the time to paint the sides of his finished canvases black.  That way, his works will look their best either framed or not!  If the sides aren't painted, the artist is forcing you to spend many hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars at the framing shop!  Bob Brooks respects his customers though.

Wherever possible, Robert D. Brooks paintings are fully varnished.  Many even have multiple layers of varnish (a thick protective layer AND a UV protective layer).

NOTE:  Glow in the dark paintings will not be UV varnished, as they require UV light to 'charge.'  Oxidized rust and copper paintings may or may not be varnished (as the varnish changes the look of the work).  Unvarnished rust paintings should be handled with care, as the finish isn't fully permanent!

The canvases were even painted with your home or office in mind! 

Bright light is harmful to paintings - and paintings are typically hung in the least well lit spots in your house.  Yet, virtually all paintings were painted to look best in bright light.  Even though that's the rarest and worst lighting possible. 

Robert D. Brooks' paintings were painted to look best in lower light!  The contrast and brightness in a typical Bob Brooks piece looks best, not in bright sunlight, but in dim home or office light, as is typical of where one would normally hang a painting.

Most artists force you to wire up lighting overtop of your painting, just so it will look right.  Not with a Robert D. Brooks canvas!  They look best under NORMAL lighting condition.  Bob Brooks respects his customers.

Each canvas is fully finished, sides painted, varnished, signed (front and back), certified, wired and ready to hang...
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Be able to quickly and easily check the authenticity of your original Robert D. Brooks work of art - without cost!  Just compare the stamp on the back of your painting (and the one on your CoA) to the ones shown here.